Tips to Jump Start the New Year

Your best decision yet…

First & foremost, Happy New Year to all! Well, when the ball dropped, so did the first day of 365. Chances are, you’re reading this a few days later than January 1st and this leaves you with much less time to make one of the best decision of your life. With my help you’re going to make it in 2016. Get amped, that’s something to look forward to! Let’s shake things up this year, resolutions are options, this decision is a goal. So many fall victim to just not knowing how efficient and pain free a Licensed Real Estate Agent can make the investment process. Others simply wish to sell their home or land without an agent but are faced with buyers with either no deposit or worst, no financing. Let us help, we eat lunch with buyers and dine with sellers. This is what we do.

offer to purchase

Sometimes, the best decision for you is not written on the wall… well this is mostly the case. If you live in Nassau where land is costly and you cannot afford it, purchase land in Freeport or Exuma for example.  Have you ever visited Abaco? This puts you in a better position come 2017 to use that land as collateral to purchase in the capital, if that’s what you really want to do. But please, do not fall victim to the ‘I’ll just save enough until I can pay this deposit’, when chances are the amount you saved for a deposit is probably one quarter or third of what you will need to purchase in the Family Islands. Note: My foreign friend, this also applies to you ;-).

The point is to ‘get in where you fit in, but don’t stay out’.

Purchasing property is a sure bet, if everything else fails, you can simply employ the help of a Licensed Real Estate Agent to help you receive a return on your investment, build, or use it as collateral when obtaining a loan from the Bank for personal reasons or better yet, to invest further. Add these principles to your list of short term goals and I guarantee you’ll be making your best long term decision yet.


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