Bimini Sands, An Ideal Vacation Home Spot

Interest in real estate on the tiny island of Bimini continues to soar.

If you’re looking for that perfect vacation home on Bimini, you should take a serious look at what Bimini Sands has to offer. Bimini Sands, located on South Bimini has the best of everything you’re looking for in a vacation home. It is great for especially avid boaters who would love to dock their boats just outside their front door.

You can find out more about some of Bimini Sands’ condominium/townhome offerings here and here.

Our very own Mary Zervos Knowles, who handles sales at Bimini Sands, has her finger on the pulse of the Bimini real estate market and explains that the level of interest in vacation homes on Bimini  is  ‘very high’.

“I have been working at Bimini Sands on the South side and right now the interest level is very very high. I think it’s fair to say Bimini is very attractive to a lot of South Floridians because of its proximity. The interest level is definitely rising because more awareness is being put out there,” Mary says.

If you’re looking to purchase a vacation home at Bimini Sands, you should keep in mind that they move very quickly once they become available.



During a July 4th open house at Bimini Sands, Mary says she got three accepted offers. “It was a really great event, with a lovely turnout. We got three accepted offers from people that came to view the units and received two further offers this past week.

Located just fifty miles off the coast of Miami, Bimini has long been a popular spot for South Floridians looking for a quick getaway close to home.

It’s really no surprise that due to its proximity, vacation homes on Bimini have a high appeal to Floridian buyers. Whether you’re looking for resort-style living, a condo, or a waterfront luxury home, Bimini certainly has options for buyers looking for a relaxed lifestyle with island charm.

Bimini is made up of two main islands. There is North Bimini, which is an extremely popular spot for tourists and then there is quieter, less developed South Bimini.

The island has a very rich and interesting history. The likes of Ernest Hemingway, Martin Luther King Junior, and Jimmy Buffet have all spent time there. Bimini is also a renowned big game fishing and diving outpost.

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