Solar Power Estate + What’s On and Coming up in The Bahamas

Nothing tells us times have changed more than the words we use to describe everyday things. Remember when we wanted our homes to be comfy and our children to be smart? Now we want our homes to be smart and our children to be comfortable, whatever road they choose. There’s one road we love on Paradise Island because it leads to an estate that fascinates us. Solar Power Estate takes electrification to a whole new level, supplying its own power and becoming one of fewer than 200 in the entire Bahamas to be able to sell back to Bahamas Power and Light (BPL). 4-bed, 4 ½ bath, pool, pond, sun deck, 5600+ sq feet plus dolphin fountain. Check out the link.

That reminds us of another change in lingo with substance. Remember when we just wanted to go fast and far? Now we want to go green and more and more of us are.

The challenge with going solar, though, is it takes up a lot of space on land so smart businesses and condos are looking up. They’re renting roof space from a neighbouring building to place their panels, tying into their buildings and enjoying the consistent quality of power. Meantime, countries around the world from Africa to Australia, China to the Netherlands are using floating solar platforms in lakes and seas. Now that would be an interesting lease arrangement for a whole new division of real estate. Hmmm…

What’s On and Coming Up…

What’s on and coming up around The Bahamas, you ask. Every Wednesday, you have an open invitation to Hillside House on Cumberland Street in downtown Nassau for art, coffee and convo. 

Run for Pompey, a marathon with all sorts of categories, 2k | 5k | 10K | 22.5K | 42K | 50K is set for Exuma November 10. Proceeds fuel a scholarship for an Exuma student. Speaking of scholarships, Rotary Club of East Nassau is partnering with Bel Canto Singers in another fund-raiser to support you-know-what. Stay tuned and we’ll let you know the minute the online auction opens.

And a special note about Bahamas Realty’s team participating in the 242 Colour Run to support the Rotary Club of East Nassau’s CharitableTrust.

Bahamas Realty, the firm that makes all staff and friends feel like family is footing the bill for agents, brokers, staff and anyone who wants to run under the Bahamas Realty banner. And talk about impressive – East Rotary’s Charitable Trust has awarded more than $150,000 in scholarships in the past four years.

And the highly anticipated book, Pigs in Paradise, is set for a late October release. Book distributors are already gobbling up advance orders. Wonder if it comes with a swim-proof cover…

Next time…

All eyes on sports and what’s hot in private islands. If there’s something you want Bahama Vibes to explore, let us know. Promise it will be up to date, packed with info, none in depth. That’s up to you. Enjoy the good life. It’s The Bahamas and every day is better than the one before it.

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