Private Isle

Horns honking, traffic snarled, cell phones ringing, deadlines pending.

No wonder we dream and there’s no dream with a longer lifespan than escaping to a private island, the fantasy space of peace, tranquility, warm soft sand, waters so clear you can see heads or tails on a penny, sounds so gentle you think it’s a bird stopping by to wish you well. Stranded like Robinson Crusoe but with all the comforts a power couple would want.

So long as you are dreaming, click here, and dream on.

Lobster Island, Eleuthera, Bahamas

Nearly 3 and a half acres of pure tranquility and privacy incredibly only a few minutes by boat to three other islands, including tiny Harbour Island, home of dining experiences so fine you’ll wish you never had to squeeze into tight jeans or a two-piece again. Privacy perfected. Six bed-4-bath main house, sea cottage for guests. Protected docks for your boats and whoever you invite to share the understated splendor. A kitchen so well-equipped you actually want to give the staff a day off and try it yourself. And then you look out at the beaches and the water and think twice. Cook or play? 

Amazing how many friends you suddenly have when you choose a piece of heaven to call home. If no one else is around, there are sea turtles for swimming company and every turn on this island off Eleuthera uncovers another spot of beauty. 

Called Lobster Island, this could just be the deal of the decade at US$3.5 million.

Speaking of Lobster, ever wonder what the difference between lobster, crayfish and crawfish was? In a nutshell, though it can get complicated, crayfish is a freshwater crustacean, lobster prefers salt. (Who doesn’t?) But in The Bahamas, our saltwater version is called crawfish which technically according to Wiki-everything is supposed to be fresh water and the same as crawdads.

It wouldn’t be the first time Bahamians named something to suit themselves and expected the world to adjust. There’s a small island across from Paradise Island that’s called Atholl Island. Commonsense would tell you the word was supposed to be atoll but an atoll is a ring-shaped coral reef and this is land like with real dirt and bush and sand and such.

No sense whatsoever trying to figure out Bahamian speak. Just pick up one of Patricia Glinton-Meicholas’ books How to Be a True-True Bahamian and you’ll learn fast. Or at least get a few good chuckles.

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