Happy Home-a-days from our hearts to yours

Happy Home-a-days from our hearts to yours! The holiday season brings us all a lot closer together and more than any other time of year, makes us appreciate how much home means to us. Whether The Bahamas is your primary residence or one of many, we hope your heart will be full, your home happy and your loved ones close. From Bahamas Realty to all our friends near and far, happy holidays! May this year be the year your dreams come true and may those dreams bring you our way in the warm and hospitable Bahamas where we love people nearly as much as we love our beautiful country.

Exuma – where the blues are worth singing about

It’s not often that an astronaut falls in love with a place on earth from space but that’s exactly what happened when Scott Kelly flew over the azure and turquoise waters of the Exuma Cays in the Central Bahamas. He crowned the area the most beautiful place on earth as seen from above. He tweeted his granddaughter at the first moment of awe but with 421,000 active Twitter followers, it wasn’t long before Kelly’s photos and re-tweets reached tens of thousands. That gawk-ward love at first blush was 2016. The Bahamas Ministry of Tourism invited Scott Kelly down for a swim, the love affair between the high-flying pilot and the waters that captivated him deepened. The next thing we heard was his voice in a movie about the Exumas. That’s him narrating the just-released Pigs in Paradise, the documentary with the final cut that made it into the final night of the Bahamas International Film Festival and will soon make the rounds internationally. Like the book by TR Todd on which it is based, Pigs of Paradise, The Story of the World-Famous Swimming Pigs (Skyhorse Publishing) it tells a much larger story than the one surrounding the pigs known the world over and explores the history of the islands and humankind’s relationship with animals. Book and movie get thumbs up.

How many lights does the average Christmas tree have?

Did you know that the average 6-foot Christmas tree will take about 600 lights? That’s a dozen boxes of 50-foot strands and you can figure the math if you use longer strands. For first-timer lighters, experts say start at the bottom of the tree, work your way around and up.

And for the most famous Christmas tree of all

It takes 50,000 LED bulbs to light the most famous Christmas tree of all, the massive greenery that lights the night sky in Rockefeller Center in New York City to the delight of tens of thousands through the holiday season. And if you ever wondered what happened to the tree after the holidays, that’s a heartwarming story as well. It’s cut up into pieces, shipped to a mill in New Jersey, sawed and planed in 2×4 and 2×6 beams and donated to Habitat for Humanity to be used in building homes, especially in areas hard-hit by natural disaster. The Rockefeller Center tree has been helping build homes since 2007.

AIRBNB Just keeps growing in The Bahamas

Resort fears of competition because of the growing popularity of homes being used for short-term rentals may be unfounded. The surprising twist in the market – availability of fine hotels, dining options, shopping, golf, gaming and all the advertising dollars that resorts like Atlantis and Baha Mar spend seem to be increasing the desire for the market as a whole. Tourism is up more than 7% year-over-year for The Bahamas with residential rentals and hotels reaping the benefits and marinas reporting a banner year. One waterfront property is getting rave reviews from renters enjoying the water lapping at the lounge chairs and the privacy of a home away from home. Check out the Water’s Edge property, this could be your home for the holidays. Find your home for the holidays. Meet our team

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