Time to refresh — starting at home

Resolutions for 2019

            It’s the start of a new year and whether you celebrate with a whole lot of hoopla or just quietly at home, there’s one thing nearly all of us have in common. We make resolutions. Sometimes they are ambitious like lifestyle-altering ambitious, and other times they are a little less demanding of our full attention. But one thing for sure – the start of a new year is a great time to refresh, starting right at home.

The first step is to de-clutter. Using the six-month rule, if you haven’t used it in six months, consider giving it to someone who will. If it is attached to a season, like Christmas tree ornaments, use the one-year rule, toss it if after 12 it’s still in the same place on the shelf. It’s amazing how much better you feel when there is more room to breathe. That’s not to say all that is old is worthless, but all that is unused need not be preserved unless there is sentimental value.

Next, look around you with fresh prespective. Is there a room you’d like to paint, a rug that should be replaced, a tablecloth that’s already had all the washings it can handle? January is a perfect time for appliance and household goods sales following the rush to fix-up for the holidays. Get ready for a super 2019 with a home that feels fresh and you’ll be starting the year off headed for success whether you rocked the town or slept the New Year’s night away.

Know your neighbour  – New compliance policies coming to Bahamian real estate

                Just when interest in The Bahamas was greater than it had been during the economic challenge, just when interest rates were holding or falling nicely, the government of The Bahamas said, “Hold on. We need to know more about your real estate clients.” Fine. We like our clients and have nothing to worry about. But we just wanted to let you know that in the future persons or companies purchasing property in The Bahamas, whether developed or undeveloped, will have to share the same sort of information that banks require under Know Your Client (KYC) compliance policies.

                The new requirements are part of an overall increased transparency regimen that is changing how the world operates with confidentiality something entrusted between friends and discretion the better part of valor among those doing business with one another. In the long run, knowing who your neighbour is could make you even more secure in your own home. Compliance also makes The Bahamas a safer jurisdiction in which to do business, according to lists published by regulators like the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), the European Union and the US-based Financial Action Task Force.  

We love this little boy’s idea

                The Bahamas Ministry of Environment’s #BeAHero school campaign designed to spread the message to take responsibility for your environment among school children as young as five prompted this action from a 6th grader at St. Francis de Sales Catholic School in Abaco. 10-year-old Elrine collected used plywood and converted them into ‘DO NOT LITTER’ signs which he painted himself, showing a Bahamian flag. He presented the signs to the officials at a town hall meeting in Casuarina Point, becoming The Bahamas’ version of the little 9-year-old who convinced a Colorado town to overturn its ban on snowball throwing.

New owner for Old Fort home, congrats to Sales Associate Phillip Kemp

                Someone got a special Christmas present, a 6-bedroom beauty of a home in Old Fort Bay, one of New Providence’s most desirable communities with a stunning clubhouse, new private members’ club, very private beach and home to one of country music’s greatest female talents of all times. The home that sold for under $5 million closed just in time for Christmas, thanks to sales associate Philip Kemp walking all papers through and making sure this Christmas wish came true. There were no complaints about this gift not being wrapped with a red ribbon and hidden under the holiday tree. Congrats to the new owners and to Bahamas Realty’s hard-working Philip Kemp. 

Selling real estate by the numbers

Bahamas Realty is proud to be a member of Leading Real Estate Companies of the World and its luxury division, Luxury Portfolio International. It’s a by-invitation-only membership, offered exclusively to the firms that are leaders in the markets they serve and share values like local insight, global worldview, trusted experience, and high performance.

“Only the best of the best,” they say, “are part of this collection.”

And how significant is this collection? The numbers tell the story: With over one million transactions valued at $372 billion in sales last year, the LeadingRE network is responsible for more transactions each year than any other real estate network. Leading Real Estate Companies of the World has a presence in over 65 countries and in The Bahamas, Bahamas Realty is a proud partner in the collection.

Learn more about our luxury affiliations by clicking here

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