Staging 101— The REAL Basics

Sometimes the most basic facts seem too simple to mention. However, they remain all important. So here are the REAL basics to staging your property for sale or rent.

Help us show your property at its best: 

1.         Keep it clean and uncluttered, inside and out. 

2.         Paint it up. (Your most effective use of funds and effort.)

3.      Fix it up.  (Every obvious problem or unfinished project is a turnoff.)

4.         Plant flowers around the front door. 

5.         Keep fresh flowers in as many rooms as possible. 

6.         Make the beds.

7.         Remove all evidence of pets.

8.         Just before a showing, turn on ALL the lights and air conditioners.  

9.         Then leave! 

10.       Give your real estate agent a key and leave the showings to the professional.

For more about preparing your home for sale, check out our sellers guide on
and have a look at this helpful infographic to learn more about why staging matters.

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