A Workplace That Works: “Hump Day” Meetings and Blowing the Conch

Each week our sales team at Bahamas Realty has a sales meeting that takes place on Wednesdays. A typical meeting goes down like this: agents in our office share their listings, update each other on some useful advice about the market or simply lighten the air with a bit of humor to relieve tensions and pent-up anxiety. At first, “looking in from the outside” and being considered a relatively new agent to the market one may miss the hidden values that these 1 hour sessions (often riddled with calculations, field jargon and video presentations) possess.

But, I have learned that these sessions work to benefit the individual in ways that not only help us engage our everyday clients and prospects, but also add a sentimental value to the company and each participating member. I’ve come to realize that overtime these sessions grant the agent a sense of confidence and acceptance; they build avenues of trust & relationships with colleagues and motivate you to reach your goals by hearing the testimonials of the agents around you and their daily successes.

At Bahamas Realty I hold our “Hump Day” Wednesday meeting top priority, especially when there is a successful closing! When a listing is sold, we collectively celebrate. The meeting leader celebrates that individual’s hard work with the triumphant blow of the conch shell – a Bahamas Realty tradition!

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