Day After the Storm…balmy breezes in Nassau

As the weather news deluges us all week with dire predictions re Tropical Storm Colin, heading for Tampa, Florida, in June, 2016, Bahamian weather watchers shake their heads and suck their teeth.


We know from long experience that the weather which puts US power out for days or weeks after a storm hardly phases ours. (Not to say that we DON’T get power outages…we DO, but usually only for a few hours at a time and in a small area.)


“The Calm Before the Storm” is not just a saying. The day before the storm is usually delightful here, as is the day after…except for the RARE direct hit such as our southern islands, especially Long Island, suffered last year.


Our capital city of Nassau on the tiny island of New Providence and neighbouring Paradise Island seem especially blessed, shielded by the larger islands of Andros, Cuba, Haiti and Dominican Republic.


With each storm warning, we are torn between the idea of putting up our shutters, or just hunkering down to enjoy the breeze. Our hotels host hurricane parties while the locals watch the storm blow by their balconies. We drink a toast to the balmy weather…tomorrow.


So don’t cancel your vacation or house hunting plans because of a big blow predicted for Nassau. Not unless its Cat 4 or more and scheduled for a direct hit!

West Bay St, Bahamas after storm Hurricane Sandy 2012

West Bay St. the day after well named Hurricane Sandy in 2012. 

After Hurricane Sandy, Bahamas, 2012

Lop sided palms, day after the storm Sandy at Eastern End of New Providence, Bahamas.

Click here for The Government of The Bahamas Hurricane Preparedness Information

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  1. Here we go again…to shutter up or ignore storm warnings for what will quite likely be a balmy day in The Bahamas.

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