Snooze your way into the holidays

And right into the new year… by making simple & fun plans. Planning is a great tool…etc.. heard it before but let the next few sentences drive that point home; there isn’t enough days in a week or weeks in a year to obtain success, without a plan. The new year is 12 Sunday’s away. I know, reality bites but how are you planning to bite back?

What are you going to do in the last quarter of the year to guarantee some even minimal success during or after the holidays, most notably, the new year. Here are a few fun ideas I plan to utilize over the course of this last half to ensure my holidays are stress free and my new year is successful.

4 Tips to plan for the last quarter and start the New Year ahead of the game:

1. BUY GIFTS EARLY – I always say I’m going to do but this time, to make it interesting and fun I’m going to buy one to two gifts for my everlasting growing list of nieces and nephews once a week for the next few weeks. Or at least place them in my shopping cart for some pride exempt window shopping. Amazon, I’m down on bended knees *RnB Voice*.



2. MAKE A HOME TO DO LIST& actually do it


– In the Bahamas we have a holiday cleaning tradition that basically implies that Christmas Day has to meet your home spick & span clean. Whether you celebrate the holidays or not, it just feels right. So instead of making it dreary, I’ll settle the big tasks with friends and drinks on the weekends or evenings. I’ll call this experiment ‘Social Productivity’. A small token of my appreciation may just await you on gift giving day. Who wants some top up?



3. UNPLUG FROM DISTRACTIONS – They say that all work and no play makes one super dull, but I say that too much play with little work makes life null. Life is for living, living is not what you do behind a computer. Discipline is key here, simply challenge yourself to earn the right to kill time online, unless you’re promoting your business. Instead of logging on, log off and get to know a new coworker. Better yet, organize the holiday gift raffle and trade names for holiday gifts (with a budget). This is a great way to bond at work.

4. ANALYZE MY SPENDING – Just to have an idea how much was spent since the year rolled in, it’s easy to do as well. If you work a 9-5, simply add your base salary up and multiply by today’s date, what’s not in your bank account is what you spent. The next step is to ask yourself this question: Could I have done better? If yes, then take some time to investigate where you spend most of your funds and see how you can save; either way, it’s a sure way to have some additional savings for next year & that simple feat can be labeled, success. There’s also the second or third income option which needs it’s own dedicated ramble.


There’s obviously a ton of things you can do to make planning the rest of your year and the new one to come fun, easy and successful. Remember, if it [‘it’ being anything you deem worth having] was easy, anyone would do it. So why not at least make it interesting? Any practice over a period of time becomes habit, the key in my view is to not overthink it. If I sparked your imagination, please share with friends and family, or drop me a note to let me know what your ideas were as well.

Living in gratitude,





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