Sold – I’m feeling nostalgic…

…about a time I could only read about. Accounts made by the authors having lived, or historians having studied ancient of days. If the 24” walls of #28 Queen St. could talk, would they correct me in saying this home was built to last? Either way, it was built in the early 1800’s. Did the men that built those walls [that were most likely slaves] ever imagine how well this home would fare over the years? It gives me great pride knowing only later, it is SOLD by a young man, no longer from the Colony of, but the independent nation of The Bahamas. 200 years later, your work has fed many a descendant, your hard labor was not, in vain.

#28 Queen Street, with its rich history sits as a monument to historic Downtown Nassau. Its history, traced back originally to Charles Burnside, son of J.J. Burnside, former Surveyor General of the Colony. It boasted 4 bedrooms, 4.5 baths along with a spacious annex building used as a private office. It was used as the kitchen and features a working rock oven. In the 1800’s, kitchens were built apart from the main home where the ‘help’ would prepare the daily meals. Colonial style quoins align the corners, wooden storm shutters dress the windows and the 4 verandahs are 40′ long and 8′ feet wide. From here, you can enjoy the tranquil breezes and have a view of the most important Nassau Harbor.  The exterior walls of this property are 24″ thick and is quite simply in a class of its own. Each of the windows feature charming deep pockets.

This historic charm has been remodeled from the ground up but retains the beautiful hardwood floors made of Abaco Pine. Zoning is open, hence it can be utilized as a home, office or both. We can only hope that in another 180 years, the generations that follow can know and appreciate its rich history. #28 Queen St is protected by the Antiquities and Monuments Act of the Bahamas. This exempts its owner from ever paying property tax or tax on remodeling of the home.

If you would like to list a similar property whether historic, commercial or smilply the place you call ‘Home’, please send an email, text or call.

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