The Bahamas: A Boater’s Dream

Located just 50 miles off the US coast, with some of the most breathtakingly turquoise waters, state-of-the-art marinas on nearly every island and unrivaled hospitality, the Bahamas is without a doubt a boater’s dream. 

You can make a quick weekend getaway to Bimini- (just 48 miles east of Miami), cruise the beautiful chain of islands down to popular spots like the Exumas, the Abacos or a weeklong voyage to Nassau Paradise Island. 

The waters of the Bahamas can be the the ideal spot for your perfect sailing charter holiday.

The Bahamas also offers a wide array of fishing experiences, from bone-fish to big game fish and is host to numerous fishing tournaments throughout the year. 

Keep in mind there are fishing regulations to be followed which are intended to not only accommodate legitimate sport fishing events and tournaments but also provide protection for the country’s important fish stocks.

You can find tons of useful information about Bahamas boating, fishing and port of entry requirements by checking out the Association of Marina Operators and MyOutIslands.Com.

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