Make Your House Smile For Its Photo! Staging Your Bahamian Home For Quick Sale

“A picture tells a thousand words.”  You’ve heard that phrase over and over in different contexts and it could not be more important to keep in mind when you are selling your home.  With the vast majority of property searches beginning online the importance of having great photos cannot be stressed enough.  And in order to get great photos a home needs to be staged to show it off to its best advantage.

Fortunately, we live in The Bahamas so we are in a unique position.  Our beautiful surroundings and climate provide us with the perfect backdrop and framework for showcasing our homes.  With the sun shining and providing natural light we already have an advantage over our northern neighbours who have to rely on special lighting and computer enhancements to brighten their photos.

Here are a few tips to staging your home before your photographer comes:

  • Paint. Paint. Paint. Yes, you’ve heard this multiple times but it is one of the most economical and efficient ways of freshening up your home and stop it from looking old and neglected. For the interior, stay away from bright colours or dark shades which are distracting, shrink room sizes and do not photograph well.  Instead, choose neutral tones.  Because of our climate, you can get away with a touch of colour rather than white or beige if you wish.  A soft blue or mint can serve to bring the outdoors in.
  • Show off outdoor living.  In our climate, it’s all about the outdoors and use whatever assets your house has to show it off.  If you have French doors leading out to a patio or gazebo open them up so your photographer can take a photo from the inside out.  Arrange patio furniture to face a swimming pool or ocean view so photographs capture the feeling of outdoor living.  Placing throw cushions on patio furniture can give them a more luxurious look and feel.
  • Make sure your garden is clean, trimmed and free of debris.  Put mulch down in areas where grass will not grow for a manicured look.  A couple of pot plants placed outside the front door will make the entryway more welcoming for a Buyer.
  • Remove excess furniture.  Too much furniture in a room will make it look smaller, especially in photographs. 
  • De-clutter.  Too much “stuff” is distracting and can cheapen the look of your home. A good trick is to remove everything from your shelves and countertops until they are completely bare.  Then, start adding a few items back but nothing too personal.  Stay away from family photographs and knickknacks.  Rather choose neutral, attractive items relevant to the room you are staging.  A bowl of bananas in the kitchen, books, and vases on bookshelves in the living room, a container of soaps in the bathroom.  Also, invest in a few orchids and pot plants – these add life to indoor areas and photograph well.
  • Housecleaning.  It would be a pity to mar the photos of your newly painted home with mildew coated patios and grimy windows.  Pressure wash your patios and make your windows sparkle to complement your new paint-job. Make sure your baseboards, tiles, and grout are all clean and replace blown lightbulbs.  If area rugs and bathroom mats are looking shabby, purchase new ones.
  • Replace old fixtures, taps, and hardware. With our climate and hard water, these items tend to corrode over time and no amount of rust remover or lime-away will bring them back to life. 

Offer Received Within Days of Listing

This home was staged well prior to photographing and listing and attracted a fast offer. The house has a fresh coat of paint both inside and out and excess furniture and clutter removed. Items on shelves and countertops are minimal and appropriate to the room. Due to appropriate staging photos capture the feeling of Bahamian living with the freshly cleaned windows and doors opening to the patios and views.

With just a small budget and a bit of thought and effort staging your home, your property will stand out in online photos – the first place most Buyers will begin their search for a new home. This significantly increases your chances for a quick offer and in most cases will also attract a higher offer than a home that has not been properly staged. It’s definitely worth the money and time.

Contact Leslie Colclough to help stage your home for a quick sale.

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